Give your business its most successful year!

You’ve got big dreams for your business. Your makeshift processes helped you jumpstart your business, but it won’t help you grow. The first step to executing your dream is to create an annual success plan.

Coming up with an annual success plan gives you time to reflect on past accomplishments, but it’s also an outstanding way to make ideas actionable. Begin to measure what really matters instead of pulling criteria out of thin air.

Either your business will run you or you will run your business. The choice is yours. Your Annual Plan allows you to take charge of your business by intentionally designing a plan of action and steps rather than randomly throwing things together in hopes something will stick. It allows you to outline exactly what actions to take and when to take them. There’s nothing accidental about your passion and your vision. Don’t let your execution be either.

Increase your revenue by over 140% and productivity by 300% by having a well-executed Annual Plan.

Whether you’re in healthcare, marketing, finance, law, education or any other industry, this Annual Plan will prepare you with the plan you need to lead your business into the future.

I'll meet you there!

The Seven Dynamics are a powerful way of looking at any business ecosystem.

Leadership - The business is always an expression of its owner.

The other six include three disciplines and three activities. The three disciplines are internal functions that define ways of being and thinking: Brand, Finance, and Management.

The three activities that represent what all businesses actively do: Marketing, Sales, and Delivery.

Most business problems show up at the level of activities: not enough leads (marketing), not enough revenue (sales), inadequate quality (delivery).

While those are real problems that need to be addressed, The CoachRN prospective focuses on finding solutions at the root of a problem. These are upstream-- they exist prior to--the three activities.

The 7 dynamics are organized into disciplines and activities to make sure that issues in the disciplines are always addressed before solving problems at the level of activities.

You’ll learn it all at Annual Plan Success Planning Sessions.

Transform your business from

I’ll roll up my sleeves too and work with you.

  • Review the previous year and find where you stand with your annual goals

  • Determine what is essential to start doing, halt doing things that are timewasters, and continue doing the tasks that take you toward your vision.

  • Select your highest 3-7 priorities for the upcoming year

  • Create quarterly company and individual priorities with success metrics

  • Track KPIs that help you measure progress on your priorities

Build and Grow a Successful and Profitable Business With Mary Turner

Mary Turner

Certified Business Coach

Mary Turner is an AHNCC board-certified nurse coach and certified E-Myth business coach.

She is an expert adviser with proven tools for success that will help you roll up your sleeves and build a business that works for you!

Mary will not only provide answers to your biggest business growth questions, but she will also provide you with proven shortcuts that will save you time, money and energy.

You can’t pay someone to do your actionable steps for you, but a good coach will keep you from getting distracted. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to commit.

Success Story

How CoachRN Transformed Maggie Posadas' Business

When Maggie Posadas started The AdvantAGE Supplemental Staffing LLC. nearly three years ago, she didn’t anticipate how quickly the business would grow. Within a few months, the staffing company had taken off, and sales were rushing in. But without a team, structure, or a plan, Maggie knew she couldn’t keep up for much longer. She needed to make a change!

After a few months of figuring things out on her own—and making a few hiring mistakes along the way—Maggie found CoachRN. They created an Annual Plan and got plugged into coaching, where they learned the principles that would help them make the right decisions and build the team they desperately needed.

It was tough to predict the impact COVID would have on their business, so they only projected a 15% growth for 2021. But to their surprise, they had a 50% increase in revenue for the year! Plus, instead of needing to let team members go, they added 7 new rock stars to their team.

Maggie credits CoachRN for helping her accelerate her growth and equipping her to lead her team with confidence. Maggie said, “We look forward to continuing our growth and are excited to have the CoachRN community by our side.”

It’s more than just the cost of this Annual Plan! I guarantee you!!!

Missed revenue

Due to lack of focus and direction

A whole quarter or year lost

because you didn’t make



Due to misalignment actions and shiny object distractions

Cost of low performance and ROI when

outsourcing to others who are not

in line with your vision

Lost opportunities

Of amazing ideas that were

never explored

Resources wasted on

strategies and initiatives

that failed to give results


On pointless

actions that did not

lead to a successful year

Loss of your competitive

edge as other businesses

execute effective strategies

If you don’t PLAN to succeed then you unconsciously plan to FAIL.

Put your strategies into action that ensure an ROI

Alignment | Accountability | Success

Create an actionable annual plan that sets you up for a successful year.

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Everything You Get With your Sessions:

Annual Planning Sessions - A series of 6 individual coaching sessions to create your Annual Success Plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • 6 hours of personal business & leadership coaching ($3,500 value)

  • 1.5 hour bonus review at the end ($250)

  • 6 weeks of Messaging Support ($750)

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings to create self-leadership and accountability

  • Annual Plan Worksheet to keep you organized and on track

  • Support

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Invest in it. The tools, strategies, and insights you will learn require you to show up and put in the work. The rewards are priceless!

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FAQ's - Annual Business Planning

Is Annual Planning important?

Yes. Annual planning is one of the most important activities that companies do every year because it provides an opportunity to set the overall direction of a company by discussing goals, metrics, budget, and performance.

Can I afford it?

You cannot afford NOT to! The value justifies the cost. Save time, save money and get a ROI.

Can I do it by myself?

Yes, you can. However, having an expert with years of experience to help you devise the right strategies that will help your business is working smart; not hard.

What type of business is right for CoachRN?

CoachRN is designed for small businesses dealing with the challenges of growth, strategy execution, and business planning.  We work with coachable, decisive business owners who are committed to growth and building a strong business by taking calculated risks despite any fear. 


“If you are ready to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary while feeling like you have your best friend by your side to hold you accountable then you are ready for coaching with Mary Turner.”

Cedric Boyd

Director of Nursing, West Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation

“Mary Turner is incredibly gifted, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic and has found her calling as a business coach. In terms of competence, she is a successful business person who also happens to be a trained coaching professional.“

Chris Andrews

Chief Information Officer, Smoothie King

“If you want to significantly increase your growth and development. Mary will help you do it! The impact exceeds the investment.”

Kelly Smith

Jane in The Jungle

“What I found most helpful about Mary’s coaching was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the REAL me! I feel like Mary helped release the potential in me. Like most women, so much of what I do at work and at home is worthwhile but invisible and fragmented. Working with Mary helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way. Thank you Mary for pushing me into my “big leap”!”

Zoe Small

Administrator, Elmcroft of Medina

“I had a well run, profitable and growing business before we hired Mary. Today, a year after implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities, problem solving frameworks and the growth has been explosive… thank you for giving us the framework to really take off.”

Charlene Taylor

Alpha Compliance

“When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with Mary, my mind inevitably concludes that she is “a blessing in disguise.” Flexible. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together, Mary helped me clarify my thoughts on how to state my intentions clearly and identify what I needed to do to move my organization forward.“

Ronda Cain

AHNA-Chapter Leader

Stop Limiting Your Success

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